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Shelekov establishes the first colony in Alaska
Abolition of serfdom in Baltic provinces
Alaska sold to the United States of America
Alexandrine Theater in St. Petersburg opened
Annexation of Finland, Russia
Assassination of Alexander II
Bartolomeo Rastrelli builds the Winter Palace
Beginning of the Russian navy
Beginning of the Trans-Siberian railway
Bloody Sunday, Russia
Boxer Rebellion; Russia occupies Manchuria
Bulavin uprising
Catherine the Great publishes satirical journals
Conquest of central Asia, Russia
Conquest of Kamchatka
Death of Catherine the Great
Death of Peter the Great
Emancipation of the serfs, Russia
Englishman Cameron builds at Tsarskoe Selo
Final secularization of Church lands, Russia
First Constitution (Fundamental Law), Russia
First press in St. Petersburg
First professional Russian theater
Foundation of the Academy of Sciences, Russia
Founding of St. Petersburg
Full absorption of the Ukraine into Russian Empi
Giacomo Quarenghi builds the Hermitage
Holy Synod replaces patriarchate
Institution of poll tax, Russia
Ivan VI Romanov
Kiev University founded
Landowners granted right to exile serfs to Siber
Lomonosov appointed to the Academy of Sciences
Lomonosov founds Moscow University
Montferrand builds St. Isaac's Cathedral, Russia
Moscow Conservatory founded
Murder of Rasputin by Felix
October Manifesto, Russia
Peter I takes Narva from Charles XII
Polish rebellion
Revolt of Pugachev
Revolt of Streltsy crushed
Revolution: General Strike, Russia
Russia's first newspaper established
Russian translation of Marx's Capital
Russo-American Trading Company formed
Sale of serfs without land prohibited, Russia
Second Partition of Poland
St. Petersburg renamed 'Petrograd'
St. Petersburg-Moscow railway opened
Surrender of Azov to Peter I
The Alexander Palace is completed, Russia
Third Partition of Poland
Transfer of capital to St. Petersburg
Treaty of Kuchuk-Kainardji
Tsarevich Alexis killed
University of St. Petersburg founded

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