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Angles, Saxons, and Jutes migrate to Britain
Battle of Taginae, Ostrogoths
Battle of Tours
Belisarius destroyed the Vandal 'kingdom
Charlemagn defeated the Lombards
Clovis, Frankish Rule
First Kingdom of Burgundy
Franks began raiding the Western Empire
Franks defeats the Visigoths
Gothic army crossed the Danube
Great Ostrogoth Empire
Gundobad, Burgundian King
Lombard Kingdom
Lombards settled along lower Elbe
Ostrogoths conquered and ruled by the Huns
Ostrogoths disappear
Second Gothic Invasion
Vandal Kingdom
Vandal settled along Danube River
Vandals sacked Rome from the sea
Visigoths sacked the city of Rome
The Lombards
The Ostrogoths
The Vandals

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