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Battle of Maldon, England
Danish coinage begins at Hedeby
Alfred the Great, king of Wessex
Battle of Clontarf, Ireland
Battle of Tara, Ireland
Bishopric established in Orkney
Cnut the Great, king of England
Coronation of the Emperor Charlemagne
Creation of the first bishopric in Iceland
Danish capture of York
Danish conquest of England by Svein Forkbeard
Eric the Red settles in Greenland
Establishment of the Earldom of Orkney
First riad on Frankish Kingdom
First Viking raids on Scotland and Ireland
Foundation of the Icelandic Althing
Iceland converted to Christianity
Jaroslav, prince of Kiev
Massacre of Danes in England
Normans subdue Brittany
Norse settlement in the Faeroe Islands
Norse settlement of Iceland
Novgorod and Kiev united
Paris sacked by the Vikings
Refoundation of Viking Dublin
Sack of Hamburg and Paris
Siege of Paris
The Battle of Stainmore
Viking conquest of Brittany
Viking expelled from Dublin
Viking raid on Lindisfarne monastery
Viking raiders on the Caspian Sea
Viking raids in western Europe begin
Viking raids on Dorestad
Viking raids on Frankia
Viking raids on Spain
Vikings expelled from Ireland
Vikings overrun Frisia
Vladimir, prince of Kiev

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