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Armenia and Azerbaijani engaged in civil war
Armenian earthquake
Berlin Wall is built
Bread riots and strikes in Petrograd
CFE Treaty signed in Paris
Coal miners strike in Siberia
Coal miners strike in Vorkutka
Collectivization and industrialization, Russia
Communist government in Bulgaria
Crimea transferred to Ukraine
Czechoslovakia joins Soviet bloc
Death of Stalin
Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia
First Five-Year Plan adopted, Russia
First multi-candidate elections, Russia
First session of the UN opens
First Sputnik launched
Gorbachev becomes president, USSR
Gorbachev calls for economic reforms
Gorbachev's anticorruption campaign, Russia
Kamenev and Stalin return from Siberia
Kerensky becomes dictator, Russia
Khrushchev dies
Khrushchev launches his corn campaign, Russia
Lenin begins his Testament
Lenin returns to Russia
Lenin's April Theses
Lenin's death
Lithuania declares independence
Much of Soviet army command executed
Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact
Petrograd renamed 'Leningrad'
Russia's first McDonald's opens
Russo-Chinese split
Second Five-Year Plan, Russia
Soviet Union joins League of Nations
Soviet-Chinese summit in Beijing
Soviet/French non-aggression pact
The USSR declared
Third Five-Year Plan
US-Soviet Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
US-USSR hotline established
US-USSR cultural exchange agreement
USA recognizes USSR
USSR and China sign alliance treaty
USSR successfully tests ICBM
USSR tests atomic bomb
Yeltsin announces resignation from CP
Yugoslavia expelled from Cominform
Yurii Gagarin becomes the first man in space

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