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Argentina declared independence
British captured Cuba
Chile War of Independance
Christopher Columbus reaches the Americas
Colombia declared independence
English again raided Spanish St. Augustine
English Navy captured Barcelona
First attempt to colonize New Mexico
Mayan Rebellion crushed
Napoleonic Wars
New Mexico made a Royal Province
Ottoman navy was defeated at Lepanto
Peninsular War
Philip V
Spain ceded Florida
Spain ceded Gibralter
Spain ceded Louisiana to France
Spain lost Portugal
Spain recognized United States' independence
Spanish Armada
Spanish army destroyed at battle of Rocroi
Spanish army took Breda
Spanish build Ft Matanzas
Spanish capture Pensacola
Spanish Empire
Spanish explorer de Luna
Spanish Prime Minister assassinated
Spanish re-occupied Florida
Spanish-American War
Spanish-Chilean War
Thirty Years War
Treaty of San Lorenzo
Treaty of Tordesillas
Turkish troops captured Tunis
War of Jenkin's Ear
War of Spanish Succession

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